Daily electrical stimulation for 20 minutes for each of 4 days can improve member in older adults for a month.

“People performed this process for 20 minutes each day on four days, and we then tested their ability to memorize and recall words one month after, without the electrical energy,” said neuroscientist Robert Reinhart. The participants showed memory improvements by the second or third day. “[They] could remember and recall more words than usual, and this improvement could be seen even after one month.”

Turns out the ones with the worst problems had the best results.

I may try this myself, but I don’t need any sissy scientific equipment. I’ll just strip down a power cord, stick the ends in my ears and plug it in. I should remember my first tooth coming in!

But don’t you try that, apparently they have to be at certain frequencies…

Any minute now, someone will start selling this. I want one.

Brain Stimulation Improves Memory in Older Adults – A 20-minute daily brain stimulation regime for 4 days shows memory benefits that last at least a month