Is games of thrones historically accurate in its depiction of sexual violence and squalor in the middle ages?

They claim yes, but this article provides a few more details.

They say the brutal C-Section of the first episode of House of the Dragon was probably not all that common.

“We felt that was an interesting way to explore the fact that for a woman in medieval times, giving birth was violence,” said co-showrunner Miguel Sapochnik.

But historians say that in the middle ages they were actually a lot more careful with mothers, and would likely only do something that brutal if the mother were already dead.

Apparently it was not true that every noble house was covered in huge gaudy murals.

Historians are saying the show is reasonably accurate in its depiction of the suffering but perhaps falls short in the positive aspects of life of the time.

And of course it is difficult to convey that at the time hygiene wasn’t that great and everyone stank. But while we in our century might be offended, they were used to it and probably didn’t even notice.

In fantasy, medieval life is depicted as all sexual violence and squalor. It’s not that simple