This is brutal.

According to statistics, there should be about 400,000 more girls in India than there are. In fact, Nobel laureate Amartya Sen has described India as “a country of missing women.”

The various religions in India prefer sons instead of daughters. When you have a daughter she is a burden, you have to pay a dowry when she gets married and then she goes and lives with the husband’s family. Sons stay around and support the parents.

So infant daughters sometimes go “missing.”

According to the article, nature naturally provides 105 males for 100 females born. The 2000 census in India showed a ration of 111 to 100. The current census has become more even at 108-100. Still, that is a lot of girls missing.

The Sihks counted 133 to 100 in the 2000 census, using sex selection abortion to the extreme. The latest census says 110-100.

India is not the only country with this issue. China, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand and much of the rest of south Asia practice this.

Where abortion is not available, daughters are killed after they are born. Sorry to be blunt.

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