What if we used hydrogen instead of natural gas? Europe is finding that natural gas is less than desirable, since their primary source is Russian and we don’t like them at the moment.

This could be the year that a hydrogen infrastructure begins.

Hydrogen is “clean” in that burning it does not produce CO2. The TUM scientific staff’s research finds that their may be a problem with acid rain. Adding and H to many molecules tens to make them acidic, and free hydrogen from inefficient processes would tend to produce random acids. Plus it does not quite have the energy storage per cubic foot that natural gas has. But we can actually work around both of those problems.

A bigger problem is that we don’t have the infrastructure at this point. Natural gas pipes won’t carry it (remember the acid problem…).

But hydrogen is being pushed, and subsidies will abound.

This article makes this look exciting. I’m not sure it will happen, but it would certainly change things.

2022—The Year the Hydrogen Economy Launched? – The Inflation Reduction Act and the war in Ukraine pump billions into clean hydrogen R&D