Apparently Jello Skin is a good thing.

Your skin should have the bouncy, plump properties of Jell-O.

“That plumpness and elasticity is an indicator of ample collagen levels in the skin. As the most abundant protein in the body, collagen is found in the bones, muscles, blood and skin. It’s essential to healthy joints and plump skin but begins to break down and deplete as you age. This is why many anti-aging skin care regimens will center around collagen-boosting ingredients that will help maintain the skin’s elasticity, and therefore reduce other signs of aging like wrinkles.”

Ok, this is beyond my comprehension, I am completely lost. I know I am not beautiful in that way, and somehow I’m thinking “jello” is not the same thing as ruggedly uggedly handsome.

‘Jello skin’ is trending: Here’s what we know and how to achieve it