Eric Schmidt believes AI is an powerful as nuclear weapons, and it appears he is proposing an arms race – and mutually assured destruction.

“In the 50s and 60s, we eventually worked out a world where there was a ‘no surprise’ rule about nuclear tests and eventually they were banned,” Schmidt said. “It’s an example of a balance of trust, or lack of trust, it’s a ‘no surprises’ rule. I’m very concerned that the U.S. view of China as corrupt or Communist or whatever, and the Chinese view of America as failing…will allow people to say ‘Oh my god, they’re up to something,’ and then begin some kind of conundrum. Begin some kind of thing where, because you’re arming or getting ready, you then trigger the other side. We don’t have anyone working on that and yet AI is that powerful.”

And of course, since Google claims to be the leader in this (as does Microsoft, so it might be an internal battle first), it might serve Schmidt’s company pretty well.

Hmmm… He doesn’t seem to be taking into account that AI’s themselves will be taking over. Have we forgotten the lessions of Terminator, the Matrix, War games, etc.? I’m trying to be funny – but its not that funny.

Eric Schmidt: AI Is As Powerful As Nukes