Zillow did a study on the combination of lowest rent and highest percentage of singles.

Their verdict?

Wichita, Kansas.

#2 is Austin, Texas which seems much more likely, in spite of rent averaging close to $1900 per month (Wichita is less than $1000).

Zillow names the best U.S. metros for singles to move to for love in 2022

Top Places to Move if You’re Single and Why It’s Not NYC

Hmmm…. According to USNews, its Myrtle Beach, SC. And four of the top ten are in Florida.

According to Extraspace.com, it’s Atlanta, Georgia.

According to TimeOut.com, its Boulder, Colorado. But this one ranks Port St. Lucie as #7. I’ve been there. BAAARRRRF.

According to Healthy Framework.com, its Minneapolis, Minnesota. They are very scientific, but it’s too darned cold in Minneapolis. Plus I had to backspace three times to get the name of the city correct.

Well, there is folks, I’m doubting anyone compiling studies has been to all of these, so use some discretion here.