Germany was warned not to become dependent on Russia for gas and oil. And yet they have even decommissioned their nuclear plants. This was stupid. Now Germans are paying for the stupidity of their elected leaders.

“The situation is more than dramatic,” said Axel Gedaschko, head of the federation of German housing enterprises GdW. “Germany’s social peace is in great danger.”

Economy minister Robert Habeck activated the second stage of the country’s gas emergency plan. “The situation on the gas market is tense and unfortunately we can’t guarantee that it will not get worse,” he said on Tuesday. “We have to be prepared for the situation to become critical.”

The district of Lahn-Dill, near Frankfurt, has switched off the hot water in its 86 schools and 60 gyms until mid-September.

And it is still summer. Wait until winter gets here.

And you do realize, of course, that all German means of production depends on energy, i.e., gas and oil. Production of cars, electronics, food and much else will start to dwindle. The sign says “we want coal, we want bread.” Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

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