In the UK, lawmakers are considering making “downblousing” a crime punishable by up to two years in jail. Downblousing is basically taking a picture down someone’s blouse and publishing it on the internet.

“Upskirting” and voyeurism are already illegal there.

First of all, we definitely do not want to discourage cleavage.

Secondly, I’m thinking that it should be legal for the male friends of such a victim to beat the living crap out of someone who would do something like this.

Two years in jail, though, is a weird punishment, given the impulsive nature of the action. I’m thinking an equally impulsive beat down would be more effective.

This is to be distinguished from rape-like behaviors such as taking advantage of someone who is incapacitated. That’s premeditated and criminal – maybe combination of jail time and beat down.

The photo is “Georgie” an advocate for the new law. You can see what her story is in the video.

Calls for downblousing to be made a criminal offence in England and Wales