This one is a little out there, but he is correct in his description of the process.

This not only applies to Covid, but in a way applies to climate change, Russia hating, “woke”-ness and a lot more. But the bigger question is at what point is it good and at what point is it evil? When are we being manipulated and when is it just a matter of herding instinct in the human species where we form a consensus? We must be clinical here.

Parents who are vaccinating their kids so eagerly are stepping into the crowd consciousness called “mass formation” –this social change happens when there is or has been a period of free floating anxiety — and it is a step on the road to a totalitarian state
totalitarianism always starts with a mass formation inside the population — it is not the same as dictatorship in a dictatorship people obey out of basic fear of the dictator at the top but Totalitarianism is the opposite ….. people are hypnotized into the obedience “for the good of the collective”

The article is short, intense and worth reading, even if you disagree or have never considered this before.

The Psychology of Mass Hypnosis and American Totalitarianism