You guys know that banning nicotine in cigarettes is pretty much the same as banning cigarettes, right? And he also wants to ban JUUL leading vape brand. He thinks this will cut down on people’s smoking.

Wow! Who knew that nicotine was that addictive? Oh. Yes we knew that in the 1960s. Hmmm.

How stupid is this?

a) He is doing it just before an election. Does he really want his party to be the blame for nicotine withdrawal of 20% of the population?

b) He is doing this while state and local elected officials of his party are legalizing marijuana, heroin and other hard drugs.

c) Other parts of his administration are all set to distribute crack pipes for “safe” drug use.

d) His son will be mad, see below.

I’m not a smoker, so for all I care they can all go to hell. But again, how stupid is this?

The Research Behind Biden’s Plan to Reduce Nicotine in Cigarettes – Policy follows studies suggesting sharp drop in nicotine would help smokers quit; tobacco industry questions research, its conclusions