You won’t be able to read the Pop Mech article below unless you subscribe, and the research paper is pretty much unreadable unless you have a background.

But here is the deal. A dude named Shinya Yamanaka identified certain aging factors called (rightfully) Yamanaka factors within your DNA in your cells. He found that if you reset the “clock” on these factors, the cell goes back to their embryonic state. But embryonic cells can’t really function as normal cells.

These scientists have found a way to reset them, but only partially.

Then they … “developed the first “maturation phase transient reprogramming” (MPTR) method, where reprogramming factors are selectively expressed until this rejuvenation point then withdrawn.”

And excerpt from Pop Mech may help…”To start, researchers collected skin cells from middle-aged adults between 38 and 53 years old. They specifically collected skin fibroblast cells, which are essential for wound healing and whose effectiveness declines with age. Using viral vectors, they injected the Yamanaka factors (a set of four genes) into the cells and turned them on. Previous research showed that it takes a total of 50 days for the Yamanaka factors to reset the clock to zero, and that between Day 10 and Day 17, the cells were roughly 20 to 40 years old, respectively. The researchers decided to halt the action of the Yamanaka factors during this period, looking at the effects on the cells between Day 10 and Day 17.” … “The scientists found the sweet spot after just 13 days. The cells were youthful, but still retained their ability to produce collagen and move quickly into damaged areas.”

The results were… “Excitingly, our method substantially rejuvenated multiple cellular attributes including the transcriptome, which was rejuvenated by around 30 years as measured by a novel transcriptome clock.”

Note that this was not done on a person, this was done to skins cells in a laboratory experiment.

But it was done on HUMAN skin cells, not mice. And the methods for determining the age of a cell are well developed processes that are very accurate.

I’m ready, do it on me!!!

This Anti-Aging Technique Makes Human Skin Cells Act 30 Years Younger, Scientists Claim

Multi-omic rejuvenation of human cells by maturation phase transient reprogramming