The source of this article is Politico, which tends to be far left in its leanings. They are painting this as an effort by the RNC to cheat, but their information and quotes seem to indicate that the Republicans are very serious about monitoring the election for fraud.

And rightfully so. You don’t think Joe Biden ACTUALLY got 81 million votes do you?

“Being a poll worker, you just have so many more rights and things you can do to stop something than [as] a poll challenger,” said Matthew Seifried, the RNC’s election integrity director for Michigan.

“Democrats have had a monopoly on poll watching for 40 years, and it speaks volumes that they’re terrified of an even playing field,” said RNC spokesperson Gates McGavick. “The RNC is focused on training volunteers to take part in the election process because polling shows that American voters want bipartisan poll-watching to ensure transparency and security at the ballot box.”

The story is interesting even if the spin is a bit biased.

‘It’s going to be an army’: Tapes reveal GOP plan to contest elections