Thought I would put together some pictures of real, actual food that you can eat but that are very un-appetizing. You can click on any of the images to buy this stuff.

The first is just a bucket of meat. This is “survivalist” food and as you can see it is Non-GMO, its stores for 25 years and is made in the good ole USA.

I don’t usually buy meat in a bucket, but this may be worth having a look at.

Second is called Soylent Green described as “We have created a new, limited edition Soylent Green Square that is both sustainable, nutritious, and delicious! The flavor is unique and mysterious for the complex taste of humanity.”

Obviously, you have to read this in the context of the 1973 movie Soylent Green, starring Charlton Heston, in which he shouts “Soylent Green is people!!!” (because it was made from human corpses).

You can see in the description that they are having a bit of fun with the “complex taste of humanity”…

Might try it, the reviews are good. I’m really doubint that they have the same provenance as the Soylent Green in the movie.

Yes, these are dried ants. You can buy them on the streets in a lot of Latin American countries, or you can buy them online.

The link on the image will provide recipes if you care to be creative.

Personally I will pass on this one.