China keeps stealing our technology. The Space Race is no different.

And according to Bill Nelson, NASA Administrator, the Chinese are “pretty good at stealing” and it was noted that Chinese tech has “jarring similarities” to ours.

From the Politico article:

“We are in a race that we might win but it is certainly conceivable that China may advance in certain areas of space faster than we do,” said Sen. Jerry Moran of Kansas, the top Republican on the Commerce Subcommittee on Space and Science. “It is to our advantage to do everything to see that for at least the things we determine to be significantly important, we achieve as quickly as possible and hopefully before our adversaries do.”

“It’s becoming more and more clear how dominant China wants to be with regard to space and the space economy,” said Steve Kwast, a retired Air Force lieutenant general and space strategist. “They see the profit margin, they see the economic revenue stream and they see the national security implications.”

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