Kari Ferell aka the Hipster Grifter rose to prominence in 2009 when she made a career out of manipulating and scamming men. She faked pregnancy, she faked terminal lung cancer, she conned a lot of people out of a lot of things.

She had multiple arrest warrants and about $60,000 in fraudulent checks.

At one point she faked credentials enough to get a job as an administrative assistant at VICE, but was fired a week later after someone googled her and found the warrants.

She was eventually chronicled in the blogosphere and VICE devoted a blog to sitings of her. Men contributed tips on how to avoid her getting her “felonious, manipulative fingers” into you.

She was arrested in 2009.

And now she is back. She is working with actress Mindy Kaling on a TV series about her life. I will watch it.

And a book deal.

Go figure.

The Second Coming of the Hipster Grifter In 2009, Kari Ferrell made headlines for duping men in Williamsburg. Now she’s ready to reenter the spotlight.

Who is Kari Ferrell, the Vice magazine scammer, and where is she now?