Combination of union busting, saving money with cheap labor and capitalizing on modern technology, Canada’s Freshii, a popular healthy food market, is using help from Nicaragua as cashiers through a video link. They make $3.75 per hour (Canadian…).

Some people are a bit angry about this.

“If companies can get out of [provincial employment standards] by simply saying, ‘we’re going to go to a country where the wage is less’ and that takes away work from people here, then that could pose an ethical issue,” Pinkus said.

“On the other hand, I’m sure the companies would argue that these are jobs that we were unable to fill in Ontario, and therefore it’s just a function of the labour market.”

Just so you know, $3 per hour is a fantastic salary in Nicaragua, much better than average. I’m sure those workers are ecstatic to have the job.

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