OK at this point this is only with mice. I checked.

If you follow this science, you know that Liz Parrish infamously tried gene therapy on herself to lengthen telomeres. Unfortunatly, nobody knows if it worked because she looked great both before and after the therapy. (Yes, I’m in love…)

But her therapy costs a million bucks. I don’t know how much this costs, but this is much easier to administer.

“We report CMV being used successfully as both an intranasal and injectable gene therapy system to extend longevity,” the authors write. “Specifically, this treatment significantly improved glucose tolerance, physical performance, as well as preventing body mass loss and alopecia.

But even if it is just mice at this point, it is part of a gathering body of science in lengthening telomeres to increase lifespan.

We are close, I can feel it. My goal at the moment is to live to be 400 years old. Because I got s%^*t to do!