Hugh Hefner’s butler (1978-1981), Stefan Tetenbaum, is writing a tell all book about Hef.

I have not read the book but apparently the butler used to keep a “schedule” of which girl would be with him and when, what she would wear and what they would be doing. And often times, Hef would just sit in a chair and watch!

Apparently there was also a lot of mysogeny and hurt feelings.

But Hef is dead, nobody left to defend him, nobody to argue with the author of the book.

Remember these are girls who would literally do anything to be a Playboy model and be famous. And there was never enough room for all of them to be famous, so the competition was well into Hef’s favor.

And of course the way to be famous now is to crap on Hef, and it matters not whether you tell the truth. So take all of this with a grain of salt.

Read about it here, order the book if you like.

Hugh Hefner’s former butler Stefan Tetenbaum writes tell-all ‘The Dark Secrets of Playboy’

Hugh Hefner’s former employee says the Playboy founder used to keep a daily schedule of ‘sexual events’