By now you probably know that Saudi Arabia gave a snotty answer to Elon Musk’s offer to buy Twitter. Elon Musk pretty much put them in their place. See the exchange below.

But the additional reactions are interesting, contained in the graphic below. I’m not sure I’ve heard anything more stupid than some of those comments are.

“I don’t believe that the proposed offer by @elonmusk ($54.20) comes close to the intrinsic value of @Twitter given its growth prospects,” Alaweed tweeted Thursday. “Being one of the largest & long-term shareholders of Twitter, [Kingdom Holding Company] & I reject this offer.”

“Interesting,” Musk cheekily responded on Twitter. “Just two questions, if I may. How much of Twitter does the Kingdom own, directly & indirectly? What are the Kingdom’s views on journalistic freedom of speech?”