This is interesting, the second oldest profession using the oldest profession.

And since you already know that I use to be in the CIA, I will tell you that while female officers will not prostitute themselves, an overseas station is perfectly capable of using prostitutes if it is required. And most other intelligence organizations do the same.

My first trip out of the U.S. was to Leningrad, my compatriot and I went to the finest hotel. There were (rather ugly) prostitutes hanging around, and my compatriot told me they would have sex with Americans for free. He called to my attention the fact that there was no 4th floor button in the elevator. That was because the KGB occupied that floor and had every room bugged. Any America who had sex with a prostitute would find find himself thoroughly blackmailed. And she of course would be rewarded handsomely!

Posted in a Telegram account:

”In Kherson, materials were found on almost 20 escorts, whom the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine used not only as informants, but also to carry out special assignments and even sabotage, follows from the documents of Ukrainian intelligence, which were at the disposal of RIA Novosti.

An employee of the Ukrainian foreign intelligence service, posing as a photographer, entered the girls’ confidence and offered them an interesting personal perspective. The Russian security forces managed to identify one of these “photographers” – this is the colonel of the SVR, the head of the 5th department for the city of Kherson, Alexander Badenko.

Most often, the photographer offered credulous clients a profitable marriage in the West and in Russia, and the most liberated ones – acquaintance with wealthy clients and work with a “great prospect”.”