The professor who invented this patented this as a “System and Method for Detecting a Specific Cognitive-Emotional State in a Subject” but her students quickly dubbed “The Love Machine.”

It is a 10 minute computer-based test that could help them make up their minds when deciding between two potential romantic partners.

Her machine (or rather of combination of machines) measure reactions in the brain:

“By carefully tracking her response times, we can measure tiny differences that statistical analysis revealed to be significant—and meaningful. When the student was primed with Date #1, Blake, she recognized the real words almost 20 percent faster than when primed with Date #2, Shiloh. And randomizing the order—so that Shiloh appeared first—still showed the same speedy reaction to Blake.”

Its real, folks.

I’d say this is quite the breakthrough, except it likely means that my bulls$%t pickup lines will be defeated by science.

The ‘Love Machine’ really exists. Here’s what it’s taught us about our romantic choices