You may know that when a Salamander loses its tail, it grow back. Not perfectly but it does.

Scientists are experimenting with the African Clawed Frog. It can’t normally regrow limbs but they have managed to get it to regrow severed legs.

These newly grown limbs do not have articulated claws or fingers, but they do have most of the bone, and frogs can use them for swimming, so they are not totally useless.

The frogs are fed a drug cocktail with hormones and anti-inflammatories.

This is pretty interesting research, and a great may scientist are doing parallel efforts.

Personally, I believe we will be able to replace limbs, organs and other various parts in much shorter length of time. Many have said that we will cure cancer in the next five years. But in fact, cancer that is found early is almost never fatal.

I love thinking about the future, and plan to live for at least 400 years.

Researchers are getting better at regenerating lab animals’ limbs. They might regrow human body parts in your lifetime.