You have heard a lot of ruckus about Ukraine’s nuclear power plants, that Russia’s attacks have been reckless and could cause nuclear fallout over most of Europe.

First of all, the nuclear plants are very robust, even a direct hit would be unlikely to unleash anything. The safety systems are way more advanced than the ones from the Chernobyl meltdown, plus the technicians shut the reactors.

Second, the Russians know the danger of this. Apparently there were some shells that were close, but no reactors were hit. If the Russians wanted it to shut down, they would just move in, take it militarily and shut it down (which apparently they did). If they wanted to destroy it, they know how to safely to that as well.

But the point of the article below is that the nuclear plants have not been damaged, there is no emergency there.

So no worries folks.

The State of Ukraine’s Nuclear Plants in the First Weeks of War – Catastrophe has so far been avoided—but for how long?