Apparently there is a movement afoot to form a union within Apple to unionize. And Apple employees don’t trust Apple manage to not spy on them.

If they don’t trust their own management not to spy on them, then it must be something that has happened before, right?

I suspect that Apple snoops, their employees snoop, and people outside of Apple snoop.

According to the Washington Post story “To avoid detection by managers at the stores, employees have been meeting in secret and communicating with encrypted messaging, sometimes using Android phones, the competitor to Apple’s iOS operating system, to avoid any possible snooping by Apple.”

Some U.S. Apple Store employees are working to unionize, part of a growing worker backlash

BTW if you want to read the story without subscribing to this rag of a newspaper, do a right mouse click and go to “view page” source. Eventually you will be able to scroll to the actual story. Difficult but not impossible.