Unfortunately, this is not a joke. Biden and NATO have played this very badly and allowed the Ukraine to be carved up. Putin has won.

Putin has what he wants and a whole lot more in a very few days. The sanctions have yet to cause him any damage and he is already at the negotiating table (which he is good at).

Putin will graciously give back the parts of Ukraine that he didn’t want in the first place.

Biden will relieve sanctions in exchange for Putin’s withdrawal from those areas.

Putin will keep the “newly independent” territories for himself (independent under a new government controlled by him).

Putin will be free of sanctions. He has what he was after. Putin wins.

Putin’s will have a stranglehold on Europe by controlling oil and gas, and will not stop with Ukraine. And now he has found a way to do it, suffering very little and keeping NATO at bay.


Putin May Have Already Won – Ukraine Update with George McMillan, Felix Rex