If you were wondering what billionaires think about, here ya go. Carl Icahn has decided that McDonald’s is buying pork from mistreated pigs. He is attempting to take over the company by installing his own board members, who, I’m guessing, feel the same way about pigs.

Apparently, when a sow (a female pig) gets pregnant, she is put into a small stall or box for the duration. As a former farm boy from Kentucky, I can tell you that pigs don’t really mind this, they are not smart enough to be bored (no pun intended). Many farm animals are this way and spend their happy bucolic lives eating and pooping.

But never mind that the goal is to actually SLAUGHTER the pig. That is not what they are mad about. Its the confinement.

BTW, cows, pigs, horses and chickens are all capable of jumping or crashing through fences, or running away from a farm at some point. But they don’t. They are well fed and taken care of, right up to the end (just like you on Facebook!).

This is called anthropomorphism. And I’m actually bewildered by this. Icahn could be out there feeding starving children, or preventing Russia from starting a war, and yet he is worried about something the pigs don’t even care about.

Carl. Dude. Get a life.

Billionaire investor Carl Icahn launches a battle for 2 board seats at McDonald’s after slamming the fast-food chain for its treatment of pregnant pigs

Billionaire Carl Icahn targets McDonald’s over pig welfare