Kanye West, now know as “Ye,” is divorcing Kim Kardashian. And as this is happening, he allegedly has been constantly calling, giving elaborate gifts, delaying the divorce, and saying nasty things about the guy she is currently dating.

So the tabloids have decided that this is “terrorizing” behavior (as if it doesn’t happen in a great many divorces) and it is a “toxic situation” (as if all divorces weren’t toxic to a certain extent).

Ye is apparently “triggering” a lot of women whose exes are trying to win them back.

I’m not a huge fan of “Ye” and based on his actions in the past (e.g. on stage with Talyor Swift…), I’m pretty sure he is unbalanced.

But making an effort to win your wife back from a messy divorce, and hating the guy she is dating now (when the divorces is not even final), is not an unusual thing. And Pete Davidson is pretty much a douche. If you want call Ye a “stalker” who is “terrorizing”, funny I didn’t see any reference to that in the articles.

Kanye West’s Behavior Is Triggering For Anyone Who’s Been Harassed By An Ex

too much?