It’s all fun and games until somebody put an eye out. This is serious.

The Copenhagen Suborbitals has about 50 volunteers who are building a rocket on a shoestring budget. They want to launch AN ACTUAL HUMAN BEING into a suborbital trajectory. If they do so, Denmark will become the fourth nation to have launched a man into space – or fifth, if India gets there before them.

The best part? They may actually do it. But you won’t find me volunteering to the be the human who goes up in it.

I’m sure it is safe though, after all the guy who is being interviewed is sewing the parachute for it himself, and he has already upgraded from his mother’s old sewing machine.

The rocket dubbed “Spica” won’t be ready for at least another 10 years, mostly because they are funding all of this themselves.

Amateur Rocket Builders Planning to Launch Astronaut Into Space