The caste system in India is a system of social classes hardened and traditionalized, said to be over 3000 years old, The rich remained rich, the poor remained at the bottom and there was absolutely no movement between castes, or God forbid, marrying outside your caste without extreme sanctions.

It was outlawed in 1950, but old habits die hard. Apparently, the tech sector of India is filled with upper castes, with a major prejudice against lower castes. The lower castes are bullied and held back. They cannot even study technology in schools in their own language. If you are a Dalit, or “untouchable,” you have a very difficult time.

Apparently this is not only the case within India, but in Silicon Valley where many Indians come to work, the caste system still prevails in their communities.

I’ve traveled to more than 30 different countries. I continue to maintain that the United States is the least raciest country in the world, with the possible exception of Canada.

India’s tech sector has a caste problem

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