Billions is the hit TV show, starring Damian Lewis as Axe, a likable asshole billionaire pitted against eveil genius Sate Attorney Rhodes, played by Paul Giamatti.

I loved this show because it showed the character flaws of every character, people bending and breaking rules on all sides. Just like in real life.

Now the writers of the show are trying to force politically correct BS down our throats.

Since Axe was banished to Switzerland, new character Mike Prince (played by Corey Stoll) has taken over. He has declared that he will only accept money from socially acceptable clients.

What a d&%k! I hope his fund fails and he gets taken over by the mafia. I’m doubting the writers see it this way though. They are apparently liberal wimps.

Seriously, is Hollywood expecting Wall Street to emulate the ideas of these writers who barely live in the real world? Are we going to turn New York’s Hedge Fund sharks into idiot “karens” who have lost focus on what their job is?

In your dreams…