If you don’t like politics, skip this, move on, be gone, you won’t care.

Right now the far left Democrats, notably Bernie Sanders and “The Squad” are pushing a far left agenda that will spend trillions of dollars, supported by the Democrat leadership. But since the Republicans own half the senate, to get the job done they have to change the rules to eliminate the filibuster. Unfortunately, the moderate Democrats are saying “Whoooah, there, slow down.” Effectively blocking the far left agenda.

But since mid-term elections are coming up. The far left Democrats and the leadership Democrats have decided to try to eliminate those pesky moderate Democrats (the ones who are cautious and have common sense) and are plotting their political demise.

Top of the list, Joe Manchin from West Virginia, and Kyrstin Sinema from Arizona. They are the one who have publicly said they will not eliminate the filibuster (by the way, if it is eliminated, then everything does to a simple majority, which the Republicans will likely own next year – double edged sword.

These articles contain some details.

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