OK, I’m calling bullshit on this one. Bob Dylan is accused of sexually abusing a 12 year old, who is now 68 years old, using his fame to “groom” her. Since the statue of limitations for this ran out long ago, what could the accuser be after?

Money, of course.

And why did she wait until 56 years, until she was 68 years old to bring out these charges? Who knows?

My own opinion is that she wants to fund her retirement and will take money to shut up. She had some connection somewhere, and the people who were adults around her who could corroborate her story are likely all dead. She can say whatever she wants, and she has little to lose.

Remember this is the #metoo environment where any accusation is the equivalent of a conviction. She may get her payoff.

In fact, if Dylan passes away in the near future, then his estate will have to pay up, since he will no longer be around to defend himself.

Bob Dylan’s accuser expands time frame of alleged sexual abuse in 1965