In the 1960’s, corporations were buying IBM 7090 mainframe computers , which operated at blinding speed of 100,000 instructions per second. That is the equivalent to the calculating output of an entire city of unenhanced accountants, and costs $20 million in today’s money. SOOOO worth it.

But today’s laptop is at least 30,000 times that fast, and you can pick up a used one for $100.

But think about it. With the internet, all of the information stored there, the capability for natural language processing, language translation, game playing, music selection, movie downloads, and so much more.

“A week of computing time on a modern laptop would take longer than the age of the universe on the 7090” says the report.

The experts at IEEE estimate that the total processing power you have at your fingertips on your used HP is about a quadrillion times as much as they had in the 1960’s.

It really is amazing how far we have come!

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A Quadrillion Mainframes on Your Lap

Your laptop is way more powerful than you might realize