Predictions are that Putin will invade the Ukraine in the next few weeks. He has amassed 175,000 troops near the border.

Putin has set himself up perfectly. He is ready to strike and he knows that neither the U.S. nor Europe has the stomach to stop him. But he is waiting to see what the West will offer him to not do it. Limits to NATO? Approval of the oil pipeline? He wants to be appeased (code word relating to Neville Chamberlain’s appeasement of Hitler).

Then he will wait a while and threaten again. Since he has arranged for himself to be in power for the rest of his life, he can afford to wait before attacking the Ukraine.

If he doesn’t get enough, then he will invade. His justification is that there are a lot of native Russians in that area, they should be part of Russia.

He has nothing to lose.

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