Yes, America will soon be Number 1 again in the the SuperComputer races. Its latest supercomputer “Summit” at Oak Ridge National Lab, was overtaken by the Japanese Fugaku recently for supremacy. These both far surpass China’s Sunway TaihuLight.

But the new computer be assembled, to be known as “Frontier” will reach a processing speed of 1.5 exaflops.

So let’s see, a good personal computer can do about 100 Gigaflops. A Teraflop is a thousand gigaflogs. A peta flop is a thousand teraflops. An Exoflop is a thousand peta flops. That means this computer is the equivalent of 15 million personal computers.

If they are all standard tower computer size, this means they would cover about 1.1 square miles if stacked right next to each other,

Somebody check my math please, I have a headache now…

Frontier Supercomputer to Usher in Exascale Computing