Aging is a complicated process, but scientist agree that most of the damage from aging is caused by senescent cells in your body. Sometimes these are called “Zombie” cells because they are living cells that no longer function.

If these cells were to go ahead and die, they would get flushed from the system and be replaced. But senescent cells stick around, interfere with the reproduction cells and emit chemicals that cause degradation.

The vaccine being designed by Professor Toru Minamino of Juntendo University, removes these cells, clearing the way for your body to start repairing itself. This is real folks, the science is solid.

Will it return you to your 20 year old, energetic and horny self? No, not by itself. But it will allow you to exercise more and return your body to a much healthier state. Its progress folks.

Keep in mind there are other ways to remove these cells, some outlined here and here.