The number one condition for survival in any new environment is the existence of water that can be easily reached and used. Without it, water has to be imported, conserved (not possible to conserve 100%), and growth is nearly impossible.

But water has been found on Mars, only a meter down. It is “exploitable” which means it can be obtained and used without extraordinary energy and effort. Perhaps not as easy as dipping a bucket into water, but perhaps as easy as taking a ton of dirt, heating it to steam temperatures and having it dribble out the other side (talking out my ass at the moment, it might be more difficult…).

And the size of the area is about the size of the Netherlands.

This discovery is critically important, it make a theoretical Mars colony potentially autonomous. It means that such a colony would not be dependent on the resources of Earth to survive. Think about it. Energy can be had through solar energy (albeit at a much lower level than earth). Oxygen can be had, from pressurizing and refining Martian atmosphere, and having plants convert CO2 to oxygen. Food can be grown with enough conditioning of the soil. Everything it there for a self sustaining colony.

Clearing the way for a Martian Revolution, and an independent Mars!!!!!

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